Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Cat, A Pumpkin and A Lesson

Ugh. Long day. Got the grass cut but didn't get it edged or weedwacked. The edger needed a new blade and even with all the WD40 in the world, I couldn't get the nut off to change the blade. I moved on to the weed wacker. Wouldn't you know it? The line reel for the weed wacker was AWOL. Figuring I'd at least accomplish something I pressure cleaned the patio. Emma had played in the rain the night before and the patio was covered in black paw prints. We haven't decided if Emma's fearless or incredibly stupid. Today I'm going with stupid - she's gotta be. Why else would trying to chase a pressure cleaner be a good idea? It took twice as long to clean the patio because I spent half the time trying not to pressure clean the dog's gums off! 

Originally this card was for a challenge. However, if you don't read ALL the requirements, you can't enter the challenge. I'd like to think I've learned my lesson, but it's not likely. Definitely a long day. But hey, we had a day without rain and during the South Florida rainy season that's a nice change.


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